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Pay-Per-View-Webcasting - An introduction on how to:

Make Money With Webcasting

Virtual Needs provides businesses with  affordable pay per view webcasting. Let us show you how to make money with webcasting through our Webcasting Needs program. Any person or business with a specific skill set and/or knowledge base to any subject matter, can earn money with webcasting 24/7/365.

 Here are some ways to...

Make Money With Webcasting

Accountants: can provide pay per view webcasting for tips, financial advise, new laws, etc.

Attorneys: can charge for their advise with pay per view webcasting.

Artists and Musicians: Can charge for lessons with pay per view webcasting.

Air conditioning, HVAC and other trade specialists: can offer repair tips with pay per view webcasting.

Automobile dealers and repair shops: can offer valuable buying techniques and easy repair tips with pay per view webcasting.

Auctioneers: can sell to the world and earn more for their clients and themselves with pay per view webcasting.

Banks, Financial Institutions: can offer financial advise with pay per view webcasting.

Banquet Facilities and Hotels: could offer pay per view webcasting to assist with party or wedding planning.

Barber shops and Salons: could offer hair care techniques with pay per view webcasting.

Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf: or any sport from the amateur high school team to college, and professional sports teams can offer their games or tips to the world with pay per view webcasting.

Churches: can offer their weekly services to raise funds with pay per view webcasting.

Colleges and schools: can open their doors to students anywhere in the world with pay per view webcasting.

Above are just a few categories which can make money with webcasting. The list goes on....

Virtually any company or professional can offer their services and make money with webcasting to an audience now in the millions on the internet.

Imagine duplicating your services; cloning yourself so to speak, helping others with the knowledge you can provide, and in doing so - earning an honest living 24/7/365.

Example Scenario Below:

You have to schedule dates and times in your planner because you can only be in one place at a time.

Your knowledge or product is in demand and others pay you for your product or services typically one (1) at a time.

You charge a fee for your product or service.

Over the course of a year 1000 viewers (an average of 3 people a day) purchase your product, service, or advise for $9.95.

Your Gross Earnings are $9950.00

Put in any numbers in the above scenario to see how you can

Make Money with Webcasting.


Pay Per View Webcasting can deliver:


On-demand audio and/or video streaming
Pay-per-view and live streaming concerts and events.
Rich media advertising campaigns 
Marketing, sales and welcome videos 
Product demonstrations 
Commercials and trailers for online and television applications
Online training and web conferencing
Education, counseling and instruction
Direct online selling
And more!

How it works for you and us:

You provide the video or live broadcast of your information right from your home or office. 

You market and promote your pay per view webcast.

You set the cost for individual viewing or membership.

You collect the sales revenues every time someone views.

We provide the technical encoding and webcast software and support to air your live or on demand pay per view webcast.

We provide a seamless coded link if needed with pre registration and/or registration on your current website to allow viewers to watch your information anytime night or day 24/7/365.

We provide you with technical support.

We help you design and plan your webcast to generate multiple streams of income and receive the maximum ROI.

We charge the most competitive price in the industry for this service. Our professional webcasting packages start at only $36.00/mo usd with UNLIMITED USE. Yes you can run your webcast 24/7/365 with NO extra bandwidth fees!

We can provide professional filming and editing services for your project if you need it.

We are serious about showing you how to Make Money With Webcasting.

We WILL NOT provide ANY adult, illegal, harmful, illicit, illegal, or objectionable  services.

We provide Professional Webcasting as a new and innovative approach to compliment your current sales and marketing efforts. By doing so providing you with additional and unlimited earning potential.



We would like to hear from you and show you how to maximize your earning potential with your current products, skill set or knowledge base. Please contact us to show you how to make money webcasting with Virtual Webcasting.




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