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W E B C A S T I N G   N E E D S  V I D E O  S T R E A M I N G  A N D  A U D I O  M E D I A  S E R V I C E S

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Virtual Needs can provide any number of several different formats to your project. Formatting your virtual video streaming to your needs and that of viewers will enhance the project's overall experience. Choose one or several format options for your audience to view. 

Things to remember about formatting:

  • The size of your project is not only measured in length but also in megs (mg). Typically the longer the video the more meg space will be taken. This also applies to bandwidth usage. Both have variable costs and depending on your needs may affect overall pricing.

  • Formatting a production by size ultimately determines the viewing quality and the time it takes for a file to load. For this reason we suggest at least two formats. A smaller version for dial-up access users, and a larger version for broadband viewers. This will allow your viewers an option to select which may play, view, and download best for their needs.

  Windows Media, Real, QuickTime

QuickTime RealPlayer Windows Media Flash

Through our exceptional Program, can deliver:

On-demand audio and video streaming
Pay-per-view movies and concerts 
Rich media advertising campaigns 
Marketing and sales videos 
Product demonstrations 
Commercials and movie trailers
Online training
Web conferencing
And more!



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