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  • Television Commercials

  • Product Training Videos or DVDs

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  • Sales and Marketing Videos or DVDs (see sample)

  • Welcome Videos (see sample)

  • Events (golf outing sample)

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  • Nothing sells like video - because video creates a direct connection between you and your target markets. Visitors arrive at your web site prepared to offer their undivided attention. Focus that attention on your company's products and services. Create a web site that is entertaining and informative - full of unique features, buttons to browse, and a selection of interesting video topics to view.


  • If one picture is worth a thousand words - imagine enhanced communication made possible by professionally produced video programming. With  virtual streaming video, you can easily direct site visitors to the information and images that best depict your company.


  • Businesses looking to generate revenue from on line ventures, often find video is the single most effective representation for their products and services - and the reason for closing the deal.


  • We highly recommend that you place a link inside your video player leading viewers to a "Special Offers" , "Buy Now" etc. page - this link will help you determine the influence of video on completed sales. sample1 sample2


Golf Courses & Ski Resorts could provide Virtual Video Streaming tips to it's audience while unveiling the glorious splendor of their picturess property.


Real Estate companies and agents can literally show a home to prospective buyers via a click of a button which they will see and hear taking them from the front view, through the bathrooms, and out the back yard!


Travel industry destinations can showcase their resorts while agents could offer appealing destinations.


Schools could provide various academic tools along with event highlights. Streaming Media Solutions.

We can provide a wide range of virtual video streaming media server capabilities to businesses, including streaming audio for use with web conferencing and training instruction. Media companies, entertainment companies and enterprise businesses all benefit from using Virtual Needs virtual video streaming media content delivery network services to stream video and audio on demand including geographically dispersed customers, employees and partners worldwide. Any administration in an organization, including marketing, sales, management, human resources and customer service can use Virtual Needs to cost-effectively deliver their media online via  Virtual Needs Virtual Video Streaming solutions.


Archive the history of your company's accomplishments or events for future reference or to produce promotional CDs, DVD's, or other online presentations. 

Welcome Videos - Use virtual video streaming as a Welcome (new window) or greeting to your website visitors while introducing yourself, staff, or current developments. Let them experience the real you with more than just text and images.

Save time and money offering various customer service applications, setup and installation instructions.


Your Virtual Video Streaming presentation is limited only to your imagination. Contact us to see how we may integrate this incredible tool to your current online applications. Even if you don't have a website we will set this solution up for you. 


Oh yes the obvious... directly sell your product or service automatically to an audience 24/7/365 without the high costs of television airtime. 


Do it yourself tips from fixing a leaky faucet... to choosing the right fishing lure while fishing on a cloudy day - and everything in between.




How many uses can you think of for us to help your organization with this feature. How can we meet your VIRTUAL NEEDS with VIRTUAL VIDEO STREAMING.